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"Oh gods," she moaned and strode to the far side of the room where a bar waited. She laughed and ordered a double bourbon and cola, drinking it in quick gulps and shuddering as the tart liquid slid down her throat.

"Mandy, look around, do you think anyone cares who you are? Warmth spread up her body, she was terrified but arousal always made her act erratically.

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He thrust gently against her mouth building a rhythm. "All of these men want you," Brad whispered in her ear as he pressed his cock to the opening of her pussy from behind. As soon as she was impaled completely she bent forward to give Brad access to her ass. She took one in her mouth as the men inside her started a rhythm. Brad reached around took her breasts in his hands, his body pounding into her harder and harder.

She couldn't whimper as Brad nudged her legs apart to give himself better access to her sweet centre. She moaned and wiggled her ass, hoping he would come back. He fed one than two slick fingers into her ass, working his spit around to lubricate it and get her used to the intrusion. She made herself relax and pushed back gently to take him. "Oh god," she moaned around the slim cock in her mouth, alternating between her men. "Yes," The man under her moaned as he grasped her hips and drove her onto his cock.

"Yes, yes," Brad pulled her from the other mans cock and pushed into her as fast he he could.


He dropped to his knees behind her and she squirmed as she felt his hot breath on her ass before his hot tongue laced up her pussy. The man on the bed sat up and released his cock from his slacks.

"Come on, Mandy." She knew that he emphasised the word on purpose.

They had each choses an alias, it was the only way she was agreeing to this excursion.

She was thirty, she should do something new he had said. Some were open, inside were queen size beds with black satin sheets.

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