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Just look at the average income in The North, €23,700 compared to The South, €39,873.

The Republic’s industrial output is 10 times bigger than The North’s but its workforce is only 2.5 times bigger.

Their existence only came to light when a group of elderly Kenyans took the government to the high court, claiming they had been tortured during the 1950s Mau Mau rebellion.

The Foreign Office was forced to admit it had withheld thousands of colonial-era papers.

When it’s operating it has a full-time secretariat in Belfast.

It used to have a staff of 21 – 10 British and 11 Irish officials.

It is deeply concerning, therefore, to discover that about 1,000 files have gone missing after being removed by civil servants.

Officially, the archives describe them as “misplaced while on loan to a government department”.



These meetings, to be co-chaired by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, would also deal with all-island and cross-border cooperation on non-devolved issues.” There’s a lot more.In fact it met 18 times during those years before devolution returned in 2007, four times alone in 2006 and each time issued lengthy communiqués covering matters like, security, policing, human rights and justice.


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