Arcane compendium not updating is chrishell dating graham

I know the altar is in rage because I can power the calefactor further away from the nexus than my alter sits.I can not even get a mana battery to link up to the crafting altar.I just can't get it to absorb the essence I'm feeding it; I even found some in the overworld just in case TF essence is glitched. Now my only problem is that it won't link to the altar; I tried putting an essence conduit in between them in case it was just distance (there's only three blocks between each structure, though, or eight between their centers), but it still won't do it. So I create the essence nexus and feed it some liquid essence, checking it with the magi staff I can see it has over 2k essence stored.

So, testing movement spells in creative today and I believe I have found a either a bug or an undocumented feature. Duration is really crappy on diminished but the spell works fine and increases the player's speed a substantial amount but not too much to be broken.

Anyway, I think Swift Swim makes the player go way too fast such that Minecraft can't keep up. Link to the Forge log just in case: LEgf They can all be on the same spell, but the damage will not stack.


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