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Indeed, historians of all schools, at least for brevity's sake, frequently contrast Catholic and Protestant, without any qualification.

In England, since the middle of the sixteenth century, indignant protests have been constantly made against the "exclusive and arrogant usurpation" of the name Catholic by the Church of Rome.



We turn to its theological import as it has been emphasized and formalized by later theologians. It was very natural that the situation created by the controversies of the sixteenth century should lead to a more exact determination of these "notes". Sander distinguished six prerogatives of the Church instituted by Christ.

The English Romanist is a Roman Schismatic and not a Catholic." The idea is further developed in Blunt's "Dictionary of Sects and Heresies" (1874), where "Roman Catholics" are described as "a sect organized by the Jesuits out of the relics of the Marian party in the reign of Queen Elizabeth".


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