Bama1111 dating

Still deciding on flares, leaning toward warrior but looked at Aries and the the plastic bushwhacked.

After a thoroughly dominant performance in Nashville last week, the top-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide return to the Tuscaloosa host the always-dangerous Ole Miss Rebels in Bryant-Denny Stadium for a later-than-usual kickoff.

Not only is there an age difference (Nora is 41 or 43) but a class one, as well, as Nora is and always has been working class.

I’ll admit right off the bat that this is not the kind of film I’d usually watch and I wasn’t expecting a whole lot out of it, so I was pleasantly surprised when I not only enjoyed but completely fell in love with this film.

I went with full length for protection and to keep the fog lights (Quradec Smittybuilt combo w/10.5K winch) after having 4 other jeeps and trying all kinds of front bumpers, too often hit things on the trail, these new jeeps are super lightweight metal and not nearly as forgiving as my others....cutting down fenders just increases splash/rock nicks, etc... It's your jeep and do what you like, looks for me are secondary. But looking at the stock/aftermarket full width bumpers they (to me) look like they would be more prone to just folding back into your front tires if you got into a big enough fender bender.

Main support are the frame rails the bumper attaches too.



If you plan on running flat fenders, or doing a more aggressive fender trim, stubby bumpers are a hard look to beat! Wanted to put the winch between the frame rails and also wanted to keep the factory fog's. If you can't decide between the two, have you considered the mid-with bumpers? I just decided and ordered the orfab mid and full width rear bumper. If you are planning to do a lot of serious offroading, then go with a mid or stubby.[Note: this post will most likely not be articulate in any way and possibly full of fangirling, at which I excel.Also, some of the links will contain spoilers so proceed with caution if you really hate spoilers.]Every now and then I get the urge to seek out every single film that a particular actor has been in, in the space of a short time.It was uncredited and my curious nature won out and I decided I I remembered I’d once wanted to go through Spader’s filmography, too. And then swooning because, seriously, If I were to write everything I thought about each of the films I’ve watched so far, I think it would need to be a series of posts (I will probably write feature posts on some of the films in the future…the very distant future because I even procrastinate with things I LIKE doing) so, instead, a few words about a few of them (as this post is getting rather a bit too long already): I thought I’d got to a point in my life where I just didn’t care for stories about rich (in this case, ex-rich) white boys getting themselves in trouble.

You know how there are actors or directors one may proclaim to love then realise you’ve only seen a very small number of their films? And so I have been obsessively seeking out any film that he has been in, no matter how bizarre or plain awful it may be (or how little screen time he gets). I guess I was wrong because this delightfully trashy film with Spader as Morgan, a ‘troubled teenager’ who has moved from Connecticut to LA with his parents, completely got me.

Spader and Sarandon are both superb and the chemistry between them is palpable.


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