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He later described Poirier’s draft as ‘like the Batman TV show version of a Superman movie; very campy.” is the stuff of what-if cinematic legend. That video we’ve embedded above is his version of events, which we can only dream of regaling in as humorous a manner. He read it, deemed it campy, and then had a succession of meetings where he explained the reasoning behind his dislike to several high up execs.In fact, a documentary has even been made about the bafflingly bizarre brilliance of the story behind this non-existent movie. If you’re at work, or don’t fancy watching a video right now, here’s our summary. Eventually, he landed the gig of writing a new Superman script.Allison Mack (born July 29, 1982) starred as Chloe Sullivan on the CW series Smallville.She has also directed several episodes in Season Eight and Season Nine. Allison is a German-American film and television actress.Smith tried his best to work with these ideas, writing Superman as "a red-and-blue blur in flight, creating a sonic boom every time he flew." Later, more requests came in – a fight between Brainiac and some polar bears (also fierce killers, apparently), a space dog sidekick for Lex Luthor (inspired by Chewie, and the success of the ).


In her free time, Allison likes to go to the movies and theater, read, listen to music, and hang out with friends and family. Unfortunately, her directorial debut was canceled due to the writer's strike.

The script by famed comic book scribe Cary Bates, was quite good, but sadly, Christopher Reeve never got a chance to reprise his iconic role, and comic became hugely popular in 1992, Warner Bros took notice.

In early 1993, they bought the rights to Superman’s cinematic usage from the Salkinds, who had been the brains behind the first three films of Reeve’s tenure in the tights (Cannon Films made , he was instructed to provide enough stylishness to appeal to "the MTV generation," and to inject a hefty amount toy-selling appeal too.

Allison was born in Preetz, Germany to Mindy and Jonathan Mack (Jonathan is an opera singer who was performing there at the time).

When Mack was two years old, they moved back to the United States.Naturally, he was excited by this opportunity and accepted the offer despite a long list of stipulations that he had to meet. Peters – still in charge of the project – deemed that Superman would "look like an overgrown Boy Scout" if they stuck to classic conventions of the character.


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