Chatting zones to fuck pussies near your area

I was told that the ST room upstairs is no longer available and the barfine for the play corners is still 300 baht. Bottled Heineken still 80 baht, lady drinks now 110 baht down from 120 baht.

On Soi Lengkee, two units past French owned Le Private, a bar along the lines of Mango Pub on Soi Khao Noi has opened: Bar de la Poste . The entrance is rather discreet and you have to ring the bell to get in.

The drink prices were at gentlemen's club level, but the snacks appeared to be more democratically priced. It seems that the authorities have closed it for 30 days due to unpaid "sign tax".

Bottled Heineken 90 baht, dum-dum shot 80 baht, daily special (food) 99 baht. The bar will re-open on August 21st The bar is owned and run by Aussies.

The music is brilliant, from a time prior to the advent of house/trance/techno/hip hop.


She has been away for 7 months and it shows in the bar.

There were seven or eight of them sitting on bar stools in dresses that were short enough to reveal their shaven pussies.


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