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Kaluuya plays Chris with alluring focus, lowkey chill, and just the right amount of vulnerability and independence that could only come from deep loss.

As Chris packs a bag for the weekend, Rose lounges on the nearby couch, snuggling his dog Sid, her body lithe and obvious in the teeniest of denim dresses H&M or Madewell or J. Chris asks if her parents know that he is black — Rose has told him he is her first black boyfriend — to which she responds, sarcastically: “What would I tell them?

The timing of this film could not be more preternaturally on point.


Also, if Leonardo Di Caprio is the only breathy, anxious voice that’s stuck in your head calling out “Rose! Rebecca Carroll is Editor of Special Projects at WNYC New York Public Radio, and the creator, producer and host of two live conversation series -- How I Got Over: Reinventing Language Around Race, and Dear President: What You Need to Know About Race, which is being developed as a podcast.The entire soundtrack is both cerebral and perfect.“Redbone” by Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover) plays through the opening credits and establishing shots, which includes gritty black and white photos of urban street life that we soon learn were taken by the main character, Chris.It seems like every other day a new initiative or podcast or deep-dive interactive project is launched in an effort to shed some understanding on race in America.

Well look no further, because Jordan Peele’s is a capital “A” accurate understanding of race in America and the not even slightly exaggerated psychosis it has bred — not least of all because it’s told through the only lens that frankly matters on the subject: a black one.Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) is a black millennial with a seriously dope apartment in some nameless city that lets us know he is selling the hell out of his photographs.


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