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In 1990, Curran and Total formed a joint venture, a general partnership named Cook Composites and Polymers, to develop, market, and manufacture composite materials and to pursue acquisitions of other businesses.

Consistent with this analysis, I also conclude that there is no due process problem with applying § 15-114 of the DRUPA to a non-resident partner of a general partnership for a dispute involving the meaning of the general partnership agreement. 10, 2008) (citing Canadian Commercial Workers Indus. Defendant Curran and its subsidiary C-Two, LLC, which was formed solely to hold a portion of Curran's interest in the general partnership with Total, are both Missouri entities whose principal places of business are also in Missouri. Section 15-114, like other consent to jurisdiction statutes such as §§ 17-109 of the LLP statute and 18-109 of the LLC statute, provides a basis for specific, not general, personal jurisdiction over defendants regarding certain types of disputes. Neither Curran nor C-Two (collectively “Curran”) operate facilities in Delaware or do any business in Delaware. This conclusion is reached when one reads § 15-114 along side § 15-115, which indicates that a partnership “shall not be deemed to be doing business in the State of Delaware solely by reason of its being a partner in a domestic partnership.” In other words, § 15-115 clarifies that nothing in the DRUPA, including § 15-114, is intended to confer general personal jurisdiction over non-resident partners of a general partnership.40. Use the index below to search for files on your topic. 1930, 1939, 1947, 1948, 1954, 1958, 1963, 1967 (may include: Construction; Distribution; Major Retail Centers; Manufactures; Mineral; Mineral Industries; Retail Trade; Selected Services; Service Establishments; Service Trade; Wholesale Trade)Children. Committee on Public Education (COPE) SEE Public Schools.

Tip: Use the "Find" function (Ctrl F) in your browser to search for topics. Intellectually Challenged [Missing folder] SEE ALSO Children's Homes. District Training School for the Feeble-Minded; Kennedy Institute; Parochial School Work with Retarded Children; Public Schools. Cluster of Independent Theological Schools SEE ALSO Colleges and Universities. Teachers' College SEE ALSO Colleges and Universities.

Vertical files are news clippings, brochures, pamphlets and other documents placed in folders based on subject headings. Segregation and Discrimination; Race Relations Finances.


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