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She remembered the time he had described her nasty cunt to her and how awful she had felt, worrying that she disgusted him with her enormous labia. She's actually had large breasts for awhile now, but we haven't noticed because she's worn baggy clothing around the house. "Just do it." As Tom stumbled forward, his hands found Daisy's right breast. Excessive activity can sometimes cause a woman to...swell." Daisy looked at Tom, desperate. "Sally, that's what we wanted to talk to you about," Tom said, stepping forward.

She wondered if he had been genuinely disgusted all this time, fucking her only as some sort of bizarre favor to her father. She only recently started wearing tighter clothes for cheerleading." Sally stared, openly, at her daughter's tits. It was so warm, the flesh so inviting, he began to knead it hungrily. He looked into Daisy's eyes as he groped her teat, massaging every inch, trying to arouse her. " His wife hovered over his shoulder, as though checking to make sure he was doing as he had been instructed. "Daisy told me earlier today that she's had a rather big surprise." "No," Sally managed.

Tom felt dizzy, He wondered, far too late now, if he had made an enormous mistake.

He delivered a second slap across the jiggling wet flesh, and this time Daisy moaned.

He found himself having to fight not to pull up her the top and find out. " The younger girl crossed her arms awkwardly over her chest, but Sally pulled them back down to her sides. Sally pointed a finger at her, mere inches from her protruding breasts. Once Sally had closed the curtains, she turned back to face her husband and daughter. He knew he was on dangerous ground, and protesting would get him in deep shit. "I know it's uncomfortable to see your daughter like this, but for Pete's sake, you should see what I'm talking about! "Well, it's definitely not a push-up bra," he said unhelpfully. "Then I guess we'll just have to take her word for it, won't we? "Even if these are your natural breasts, I won't have you flaunting them and making your father-uncomfortable." Sally looked deliberately at the stiff protrusion in Tom's pants. Sally found a longer, baggier pair of shorts and threw them at Daisy. You'll wear appropriate clothes in my house." Daisy stared blankly at her. She hooked her thumbs into the elastic band of her shorts and tugged them down. " To her credit, Daisy managed to ignore all her own misgivings about her unfeminine pussy to face of her mother's criticism.

On the bottom, she wore tiny gray drawstring shorts that revealed half of her ass, and even a little pussy. "Don't you start with me, Daisy." Tom put a hand on his daughter's shoulder. He turned his back, forced to imagine the scene in his head. "Take your shirt off." Daisy didn't complain this time. "And I don't know what in the world you're wearing on the bottom." Daisy looked away. When she straightened back up, she stood in front of her parents, naked from the waist down.

"Make me squirt," she moaned provacatively, looking over her shoulder at him.



"What are you-" With no warning, he was pushing into her ass, his cock thrusting past her tight sphincter and into her bowels.Her pussy was brimming with juices, and she knew if he continued pounding her the way he was, she would cum.



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