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Tjenestene våre strekker seg fra tjeneste og support til avanserte optimaliserings- og konsulenttjenester.Tjenestene tilbys både enkeltvis eller gjennom skreddersydde serviceavtaler. Rask respons Livssyklusoppfølging Effektiv drift Økt ytelse Service Desk gir deg ett enkelt kontaktpunkt for å registrere og følge opp forespørsler om support og servicetjenester i forbindelse med drift, produksjon, vedlikehold og modifikasjoner.“While we are pleased with the growth momentum, especially the double-digit order growth in Robotics and Motion, we remain firmly focused on further improving operational execution and our cost base.” “The successful completion of the B&R acquisition and the handover of our last legacy off-shore wind project, Dolwin 2, are solid examples of the disciplined execution of our Next Level strategy.” Macroeconomic and geopolitical developments are signaling a mixed picture with continued uncertainty.Some macroeconomic signs in the US remain positive and growth in China is expected to continue.The book-to-bill ratio in the second quarter was 0.99x compared with 0.96x in the second quarter of 2016.Demand patterns in all of ABB’s regions were positive in the quarter: Europe benefited from positive market developments in industry, transport and infrastructure and timing of large capital investments.Total orders improved 6 percent (1 percent in US dollars) with positive contributions from the United Kingdom, Finland, Turkey and Spain more than offsetting declines in Norway and France.Base orders improved 1 percent (4 percent lower in US dollars) with Spain, Sweden and Turkey as the main contributors.

The order backlog at the end of June 2017 amounted to .6 billion, 1 percent lower (7 percent in US dollars) compared with the end of the second quarter a year ago.

The overall global market remains impacted by modest growth and increased uncertainties, e.g., Brexit in Europe and geopolitical tensions in various parts of the world.


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