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But don’t worry, there will be another girl and another sushi roll soon enough. Because Ryan Lochte brings all of his dates to the same restaurant.

Ryan Lochte also went bowling with his very tolerant family, and watched movies with his two sisters. But the bulk of Ryan Lochte’s activities seemed to be focused on dating college girls and recruiting more people into his Lochterage. The rest of the season promises to be more of Ryan Lochte doing more things, and saying more semi-words.

Get to know the guy, and just enjoy the fact that you guys are hanging out.

"Dating" Maybe you've had the talk about giving yourselves a label, but maybe you haven't.

He is the brains of the operation, which is not saying much of anything. The first is “Jeah,” which means nothing and everything, all at once.

The other is “Turn it up,” which entails eating, sleeping, swimming, and playing flip cup.

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The head of the Lochterage is Ryan’s brother, Devon.When people talk about "making the most of their 20s," they are usually talking about setting yourself up for a successful career or something similarly boring.Sure, learning responsibility is crucial during these years, but so is making the most of your last years of socially sanctioned immaturity."In a Relationship" After you guys have been going out for awhile AND you've had the talk about becoming exclusive, you can officially say you're in a relationship!


Revel in the idea that you have a guy who (hopefully) loves you and only you.Ryan wants that little Lochte edge, but has no idea what it is beyond a facial gesture involving the stretching out of his bottom lip in a downward direction and a generally vacant stare.


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    While I found no mobile apps, there were three promising websites: After a few weeks of messaging locals and attempting to solicit dates in the Greater New York City area, I didn’t have much luck.

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