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“His or her behavior, whether it’s whining, sniping, taking up too much of your time, or something else, is deeply rooted, and may have been going on for years,” says Lacey.This can be a tough realization for some, but trying to “rescue” a perpetually angry colleague is likely to just leave you feeling defeated. “Displaying self-discipline can deescalate a situation because [you] are aware of [your] attitude and behavior and can make adjustments accordingly,” says Lisa Barrow, a consultant and speaker on workplace bullying.Talking to your boss or human resources department and documenting instances of hostile or inappropriate behavior is the standard advice. But you also need to be able to handle these people on a day-to-day basis (at least until the person causing the trouble is terminated or leaves of his own volition).We asked career and HR experts how to handle angry, volatile co-workers, and they suggest several steps you can take. “The source of the problem is external,” the Workplace Bullying Institute says, and it recommends people dealing with a toxic colleague to remind themselves of this regularly: “You did not invite, nor want…Blackmail is still a threat, even if it is nonviolent. Workplace intimidation can stifle productive employees and transform the culture of the entire workplace. How to Deal Effectively with Threats and Threatening Behavior. This expert suggests using a cease and desist letter to neutralize workplace bullies. Nicky Morgan: Threats, intimidation, violence, and trolling. Make sure that you don't give in before you've considered other ways out.



Well, the first thing is to recognize it for what it is. The FBI points out that threats may be explicit or ...

psychological assaults and interference with your work. No sane person wakes up each day hoping to be humiliated or berated at work.” Don’t try to fix them.


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