Diy dating

A simple t shirt scarf like this one can keep you warm while out on the town late at night.

Making this scarf is very simple all you need is an old oversized t shirt and some scissors.

Spend a day or evening together listening to your favorite bands, discovering new artists, and do it all in bonafide festival style!

Think Bohemian princess meets grunge meets Stevie Nicks for your effortlessly chic festival ensemble.

From Governor’s Ball in New York, to Ultra in Miami, to Coachella in California, there is bound to be an event or show in your area and what better way to enjoy the music than with your date.) APYJX4A/Ug Zk Cd6Lmx I/AAAAAAAAApk/Jgoi Sn Lubx A/s1600/DSC_0739. You’re going to be there all day having fun, eating chocolate covered bacon, seeing the farm animals. Creativity is always the best way to keep things going and make your man happy.Some great ideas for this creative date include going for a walk on the beach at night.Discovering new food trucks and taking a ride on the Santa Monica fairies wheel.

The perfect end to such an amazing night would be sharing some sweet desert while looking at the stars. You can now go on a date by using the tinder clone mobile dating app from app builder Appy Pie.


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    Dare to bare on a night out, or cover up on the beach in style.

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