Dj monopoli and sabrina abu obeid dating is piper perabo dating sam rockwell


We are the artists who entertain from home and occasionally but rarely play live shows.

We are You Tubers AND a band at the same time recording our lives on the side and uploading that.

We are able to be on the same schedule, help each other when times get challenging, keep each other motivated and it isn't a problem separating work from life.

Really the only downfall I can think of is when I'm barely starting to open my eyes in the morning and DJ starts with all the emails there are to reply to and things he's thought of for new projects, videos and social ideas.

After seeing the video for myself, I had to know more.

The life of Tera Brite from birth to now (May 2013) in the form of high speed drawings on a dry erase white board.

We have had quite a few requests to make a Draw My Life for Tera Brite, we couldn’t think of any way to do it than with music!

Everyone who has kept an eye on the news lately has seen Sabrina Abu-Obeid's magical color-changing hair that has exploded the internet over the past few weeks.

After Sabrina's boyfriend and fellow band member DJ Monopoli notices her newly-dyed hair change color before his eyes when she walks from the kitchen to the bathroom, he's mesmerized and posts a video on You Tube.Then I would probably struggle to find a web design job.


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