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Just next to the box where you entered "0" for the border are three small buttons. In the next chapter, we will complete your website by adding a feedback form (also known as contact form). Simply point your RSS feed reader or a browser that supports RSS feeds at https://


Click "Insert | Image" from the menu and select the image that you have just saved.If you have an optional region you don't want, remember to remove it.Finally, save the page as "sitemap.html" (without the quotes). Make sure that in the "Synchronize" box, the "Entire 'Example Company' Site" (where "Example Company" will be replaced by the site name you gave in chapter 1) option is selected.It may even contain a brief resume or curriculum vitae (CV).


A Site Map is a comprehensive list of all the documents on your website.

Now that you have multiple pages to upload, it probably isn't efficient to use "Site | Put" to upload files, since that is more useful for uploading individual pages. In the "Direction", check that "Put newer files to remote" is selected. When a dialog box appears with the list of files that will be uploaded, click the right mouse button (Control-Click in Mac OS X) on the template file (the file in the "Template" folder).



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