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Doug became the vice-president and handled software development, Nancy became the president of the company.

They released a number of versions over the next few years: in February 1983 they released the Btrieve 2.x series, and when MS-DOS 2.x developed support for file and directory handles, they released Btrieve 3.0.



Around the same time as the release of the first IBM PCs, Doug received 50% of the company as a wedding gift and later purchased the remainder from his brother.

After some reorganization within Novell, it was decided in 1994 to spin off the product and technology to Doug and Nancy Woodward along with Ron Harris, to be developed by a new company known as Btrieve Technologies, Inc. Btrieve was modularized starting with version 6.15 and became one of two database front-ends that plugged into a standard software interface called the Micro-Kernel Database Engine.


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