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He was known as “Tatty Tom” because he was always so immaculately dressed, even when on a rusting anti-aircraft fort miles from civilization.

He used a couple of different theme tunes during his time with the station: Wigwam by the Ted Heath Orchestra and Skyliner by the Mitch Murray Clan.

(Thanks to Stuart Aiken and Keith Hampshire for the detective work.) Tom presented shows on BBC Radios One and Two for many years and was a continuity announcer on Thames TV.

He was a regular on BBC local television and radio in East Anglia.

On 5th March 1965 Parlophone Records released a single called I Pity The Fool, a cover version of a Bobby Bland song, performed by The Manish Boys.

Lead singer with the group was one David Jones, later to find fame as David Bowie.

His record company, Hollywood Records, became the first ever independent label to reach the number one slot when Renée and Renato's much reviled Save Your Love stayed there for four weeks at Christmas 1982.

While I was between assignments, I had heard about the new pirate radio thing and tried tuning in to a station on my car radio.

When the phone rings it could be Nottingham, London, the North Sea or Hollywood ... Also sat in for my old mate ‘Diddy’ David Hamilton over at Saga in Nottingham.



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