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The medical profession is not eager to learn that they have dropped the ball, possibly committed medical malpractice, and literally ruined the lives and reputations of many people with Morgellons disease.It is now time to take this problem back to the Congress and get something done.It is a nightmare to have to deal with all the aspects of this disease as well as the lack of understanding by the medical community and the disability system. In order to get any aid, people have to allow themselves to be declared mentally ill.We have gone through all of the proper channels and are still being neglected and even ridiculed.It is not difficult to see why the people with Morgellons disease are angry and feel like they are the victims of discrimination.We are a group of people who are ill and have no healthcare options.


There is a great complexity to this disease that seems to be more than mere coincidence.I was offered nothing but a reminder that DOP is written in my files.The lesions are self-generating and need no help in forming their fiber-laden silicon ooze.I have personal insurance but due to the lack of diagnosis I am not getting any of the care I need.

I presented a list of 10 toxicological tests to my HMO Doctor. Hildegarde Staninger, a prominent toxicologist, who has worked extensively with specimens from my body.

You cannot ignore that there is a distinct possibly that a disease of this nature might have been released by terrorists.


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