Flex combobox dataprovider not updating


At the start of this project, I had no idea that get Item At would update the array and so that's why I spent 4 hours trying to figure out how my code was subtracting twice. ITEM_CLICK,updatename); function updatename(e):void However, you still can't remove a row in the array using arr.splice and have it automatically update the datagrid.

For deletions(splice) and additions (push), you have to update the array and the datagrid separetly.

The Array List class is more lightweight and provides most of the same functionality as the Array Collection class.

It does not, however, support sorting, filtering, or cursors.

It seems a little klugey to rewrite it to use a Data Provider.

Is there no way to just tell the Data Provider to reconfigure itself to match the changed array?

Because the Array List provides notifications to its host component, the new name immediately shows up in the List control.


Controls that display application data are sometimes referred to as data provider controls.When changes are made to the array, I want to tell the Data Provider to update so that those changes will be reflected in the list component.



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