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He convinced us to move into the house he had shared with my mother.We could breathe much needed life back into both him and the house and it would be less like a prison with us there. Jennifer would take the kids to school so dad could sleep in. Jennifer was still beautiful and sex was still wonderful. As years went by and the city's industry grew so did Cajun Cartage, the name my father gave to the company which now consisted of 300 trucks and 400 trailers. I was resigned to spending my semesters either in class or my dorm room deep in study. My first two college years were pussy and beer filled. The first college summer was a rehash of my first summer with Jennifer. I was now working in our operations division and she was still in the safety office, but we found lots of time to spend together.Her job was to review the paperwork our drivers were required to fill out and submit. It went straight in and just sorta stayed there while her throat muscles worked in such a manner that it felt like her throat was jacking me off. If one of her driver friends was in town she was free to spend time with him..at least in one case I heard about..All in all our relationship was growing and we seemed to grow with it.She was now the only person I wanted to spend time outside of the company with and it was the same with her.I was sitting in my father's office at home going over some proposed freight rates for our customers one evening and he came in, closed the door and sat down.He reached over to the humidor he kept on his desk and took out one of his cigars.


When I turned 18, and the summer between my Junior and Senior years in high school my father moved me in to the front office to "learn the business". Since we were a 48 State and Canada operation, our drivers could (and would) spend up to two weeks on the road without coming through Lake Charles.Her trysts with our drivers dwindled to zero and we even discussed moving in together, but never quite got that far.My schedule for my senior year was such that I was only required to be in class Monday through Thursday.About thirty years ago, my father, Albert (Big Al) Lemoine, bought a used truck and started moving food, furniture and anything else he could haul in and out of Lake Charles, Louisiana. The summer before I started college we hired a young lady to work in our safety office. I don't think she had a "gag reflex" because my 7 1/2 inches never seemed to cause her any problems. I had no problem with this in that I was doing the same thing in Baton Rouge and neither Jennifer nor I had any claims on each other. Not that it was a topic of conversation between us but it was an unspoken agreement.

It seemed to take most of the summer to get all of the grease out from under my fingernails. She loved to suck on me for what seemed like hours; taking me deep into her throat. This relationship was not as open as her driver relationships were, but it existed none the less.I found myself spending a lot of time in the safety office. She was one year older than me and had just graduated from the other high school in town. For the most part when I would cum it would just go straight into her stomach. This worked pretty well that first summer and even the first part of the next summer. My junior year in Baton Rouge was one of discovery.



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