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That book, in turn, became the famous John Sayles film THE SECRET OF ROAN INISH.In an effort to provide the best possible live release during this tournament; we are encouraging you to be proactive in addressing livewell conditions ALL DAY LONG.Given a heavier car, good quality roof racks, and two average adults, the Skerry can be cartopped with ease.Or, if you use the boat by yourself most of the time, the lightest, simplest boat trailer or dolly will work.The Skerry design combines elements of traditional working craft of the British Isles and Scandinavia, with a little bit of American Swampscott Dory thrown in. It’s an ideal first boatbuilding project, and a good boat in which to learn to sail or row. The chines add interest and eye candy to an already appealing boat." read entire review - The flaring sides make the Skerry stable and dry under sail.


The mast is aluminum, supported by three stainless steel shrouds, while the boom and yard are wooden.

A little about the name "Skerry": The term is related to the Old Norse "sker," an Orkney word, the local name for a "rugged ...

sea-rock, covered by the sea in high water or in stormy weather." It was also the name given (c 1540) to "little punts or boats that will carry but two apeece." (Both quotes from the OED.) "Skerry" is now common in Irish, and is recognizeable in the Rosalie Fry children's book THE SECRET OF THE RON MOR SKERRY.

Using a measuring device (tape or ruler), multiply length times width times height of water in livewell (all in feet) times the constant 7.5. Do not fill livewell(s) or exchange water in creeks or coves and especially NOT at take off site. For this tournament use the following chart to determine proper amount of CATCH & RELEASE or PLEASE RELEASE ME to add to your livewell. Please keep your livewell(s) as close as possible to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

HELPFUL TIP: If you have separate livewells, fill first livewell early and store bags of ice in second livewell. Afterwards, if you need the second livewell, it will be easier to cool down. MAKE SURE YOU DOSE LIVEWELL BEFORE YOU START FISHING!!!! DO NOT LET LIVEWELL TEMPERATURES EXCEED 68 degrees Fahrenheit at any time during this tournament.

Although the weigh in procedure is critical, your handling of the fish throughout the day is even more critical, since the fish are in YOUR POSSESSION for the majority of the time. Please study the following suggestions and give them your utmost consideration.



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