Intimidating repent Chatting room sex grandma missing the fact that he threatened Obamas life....damn.You're acting like it was a random traffic stop they pulled him over discovered the guns and thought damn he must be going to assassinate Obama...get his ass.. I know i would be pissed if someone accused me of something like this just because I pissed some other moron off.BLF and Mngxitama have publically supported the Gupta’s on numerous occasions.With media freedom in the spotlight lately, these comments from BLF will only inflame a dangerous situation.Read: ANC calls for investigation into BLF intimidation of journalist Peter Bruce After manhandling journalists on Thursday, the BLF’s Friday statement warns that more such alterations are likely.

When the #Gupta Leaks started, it was revealed that BLF leader, Andile Mngxitama, approached the Gupta’s for funding.

However, BLF will not tolerate racism, slander, fake news and the covering up of white corruption under the guise of journalism.

As a consequence of the constant attack by the white owned media, under the pretext of practising journalism, BLF has decided to target the following racist, white journalists for our protest actions against white media: Peter Bruce Sam Sole Adriaan Basson Stephen Grootes Max du Preez Barry Bateman Alec Hogg” BLF says that more names will be added to the list, those who “deserve to be treated in the same manner which Bruce was treated”.

by law that's threat, just like walking into an airport and joking about having a bomb.


I'm interested in finding out what exactally he said also..I find out I'll post it, you do the same if you find the time.

Now,in a "High-rise" downtown,some guy,was running around saying he was gunna kill daddy bush,while carying a gun,so they were called in arrested him,turns out it was a fake gun,but for the threat alone,he got 10yrs,i think.


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