Introvert male dating extrovert female

And remember, your partner isn’t “lacking” anything. You should be able to handle that by not letting your personal insecurities about someone's shyness derail your own enjoyment of the social situation.

Being an introvert doesn't mean they're insecure Upon entering a long-term relationship with an introverted guy, I learned a lot about how different people express themselves.


I wanted to get out immediately and my hometown of Chicago was the only place I could see myself going. A critical element of dating introverts is the ability to let your partner let shine. into the conversation I used to get so pissed at my boyfriend for staring blankly into space at parties.

I always assumed that being the loudest person in the room (ahem, me) meant that you were also the most confident. It’s not the person who talks the most who has the most interesting things to say, it’s often the person who only speaks when he or she has something of substance to add to the conversation.

Now I know that Michael speaks up when he has something to add, not as some show of bravado.

Some people are outgoing, others are inclined to introspection. Introverts and extroverts can balance each other out in a healthy way.

After dating a lot of extroverts, I realized that the constant butting of heads and subsequent poisonous drama always dissolved into a mess.

Learn to appreciate that just because your bb is a listener doesn't mean he or she is insecure.


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