Is erin sanders and matthew underwood dating


While Chase is in London, Zoey dates James Garrett, and, before prom, he tells her that he loves her.Zoey, unsure of her feelings, decides to break up with him, though they decide to remain friends.It was revealed in the episode "Favor Chain," that Chase has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things having to do with comic books.Chase has a dog named Chester, mentioned only once in the episode "Lola Likes Chase." Chase is very gullible, as seen in "New Roomies," where, to win a game of foosball, Zoey makes Chase believe there is a hamster behind him; and this is also shown when he believes that everyone died of Quinn's germ in "Quarantine," when they all pretend to be dead for Chase's "benefit," and in "Girls will be Boys" when Lola said, "Chase is gullible and Logan's a moron," referring to Chase believing that Lola was a boy.


He is absent for 6 episodes in season 1, Chase Matthews (Sean Flynn) is the main male character in Zoey 101, and the first person that Zoey meets at PCA.Zoey is the older sister of Dustin Brooks and the roommate and best friend of Dana Cruz (Season 1), Nicole Bristow (Season 1-2), Lola Martinez (Season 2-4), and Quinn Pensky (Season 1-4); she is also the best friend of Chase Matthews.Her other best friends are Michael Barrett, Logan Reese and James Garrett.Zoey has two enemies, Rebecca and Stacy, but mostly she is friends with everyone at PCA and has two boyfriends during the series.


She briefly dates the dean's son and then dates James Garrett.

Zoey owns a pink Jet-X scooter and enjoys eating at PCA's restaurant Sushi Rox.


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    And things certainly seemed to be going well for the couple, with Scott soon being invited to share Kourtney's hotel room suite, much to the annoyance of Kim, who was hoping to 'bond' with her older sister.

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