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Now that it is understood and widely accepted that the trace pigments found on these statues are remnants of marble once colored, there has been further research into the nature of the paints and dyes used (and thus the reasons behind why and when those colors likely faded or were removed).

In ancient Greece, pigments were created through a mixture of minerals "with organic binding media that disintegrated over time".

Yellow dye was often extracted from certain flowers, such as saffron (known from Minoan artworks to have been plentiful in the ancient world), turmeric and pomegranate rind (also known to have been plentiful due to the various myths surrounding the fruit).

Meanwhile, blues were created from indigo plants and woad (likely having come to Greece through trade routes leading east), and then combined with yellows to create various shades of green.

Read More The sunken city of the Caesars that was lost for over seventeen centuries under the blue waters of Italy's west coast, has been uncovered in impressive new pictures taken by divers who were permitted...

Easter Island is a place of mystery that has captured the public imagination.

Based on the archaeological excavations, surviving historical documents (i.e.

What remained by the time of the Renaissance into the nineteenth century were the stark white statues that survive today.

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Yet, with time and perseverance, Brinkmann eventually proved all his naysayers wrong.


While the ancient bronze statues were likely not painted due to the extensive incorporation of inlaid jewels, gems and other metals in their forms, the marble statues of both ancient Greece and Rome have shown traces of pigment since their various rediscoveries in the Renaissance.

Famous for ancient carved statues and a location so remote it boggles the mind, the island presents a captivating puzzle...


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