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Rozdilne Rytmy (Differing Rhythms) is a lesbian group that organises trips, lectures, sport actions, and film viewings and there is also a lesbian sport club meeting every Sunday.

There are also events at the Gender Studies Library.

It seems as though all of Prague’s lesbians come out in full force for this night.

It is a good place to meet other women and they have live shows, dating and great DJs.

You fill out a membership form, start using a site, and then all of a sudden you’re getting junk mail, SPAM, or even computer viruses. Lavender Womyn Personals never trades, sells, or distributes any personally identifiable data to any individual or organization outside our company.

We would never want that done to us and we won’t do it to our members. You write to another site’s customer service department asking why your photos are not yet appearing on your profile.

BARS AND CLUBS The somewhat ramshackle but friendly Jampa Dampa (V Tunich 10, probably has the largest lesbian presence of all the bars, but is mostly popular on weekend nights.


Lavender Womyn Personals would NEVER create a fake profile to lure anyone.

With millions of members, we have nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Your trust is very important to us and our business ethics are beyond reproach. If you read the fine print on other sites you will often find that it allows them to sell, trade, or distribute your personal data – to basically who they want.

Other options for the ladies are the laid-back Cafe Erra which attracts a mixed crowd of men and women, Q Cafe and our own Saints Bar.


Two places that are often mentioned on out of date internet sites, A-club and Maler, are respectively not lesbian, and gone straight.

What you get back (5 days later) is a stock response stating that they need more information from you; the type of browser you’re using, how much RAM you have in your computer, what exact time you were using their site, etc…



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    I really want to go back to a Hanson but the Lo D is looking good.

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