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She's cowritten a report on sexual assault on Australian University campuses and her findings are disturbing to say the least.

She also explains the dangers around the traditional warnings we give our daughters.

Doug's son Heath has written a book about it and they both join us for a chat.

Sent on a simple errand to the local shops by her mother, six-year-old Kylie Maybury never made it home alive.

She’s also an expert in a field most of us try to avoid thinking about as much as possible, that of child sex offenders and what to do with them after their jail time is done.

Will was an ordinary guy, working an office job and living in the suburbs.

The car had been abandoned near the War Memorial, a stone's throw from Melbourne's police headquarters on St Kilda Road, and Narelle Fraser was among the first on the scene when it was reported by a security guard.


This is a re issue of an episode of Meshel's other podcast, The Nitty Gritty Committee.

It was even smaller when a terrible assault was phoned in to Narelle Fraseer who was a senior member of the rape squad at the time.


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