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Suddenly Ana feels sick and dizzy, frantically saying she forgot her pills.Toma has her lie down, soothing her panic with his calmness and comforting hands.When he brings her to his parents’ superficially sophisticated house, the veneer of civility is dropped very quickly when Toma’s father (Vasile Muraru) violently berates him for dating and financially supporting someone who “isn’t right in the head.” Psychological clue No.2: Toma has control issues because he takes after his father.This was my favourite hotel we stayed in on our recent trip Europe. An LCD TV and a private bathroom feature in all of the rooms. Loved the atmosphere created by colors and the artistic murals on the wall. Would definitely stay at this hotel again The love theme is carried through the hotel,some might say a little ott but why not great fun and it works. Each contemporary room is decorated with images of famous couples from the 19th and 20th centuries.


On a fictional island nation called Besco, newly-elected president Danielle Richard organizes a confidential meeting with the Canadian government.Religion is added to the mix when Toma goes to confession after years away from the church, and in one of the film’s best scenes, talks about his concerns to a priest (Vlad Ivanov, guaranteed to improve every film he’s in).


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