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In addition to my obnoxious and excessive usage of "shall," I noticed that when it came to boys, I was a grand puppet master.I shaped scenarios in which the guys I was crushing on had no choice but to notice and talk to me.


We laugh, answer questions, there's a conversation. You can bring your books from home but you should buy a book from the store if you can afford to, even if it's not mine, because bookstores depend on sales to keep hosting authors. You can come up for a photo and take a card or bookmark if you want a signature and can't afford a book at the moment -- no problem. Lockhart and Julie Buxbaum in conversation with Jandy Nelson Buxbaum: Books Inc.

Andrew and I met over one summer during my college years and had one of those passionate summer flings that we knew would never last and parted on the best of terms in a very conscious uncoupling fashion.

His name is Andrew Logan, and he's 33 years old now. He's actually eight; I created him back in 2007 to make a real ex-boyfriend jealous.

He is the perfect combination of brains, brawn and bravado. I created the perfect guy to show him what he's missing!

He was born in Vancouver -- so he's earthy and athletic -- but his law degree from Mc Gill University proves that he's also intelligent and articulate. " "Cool." They, of course, being the kindest people on earth, never questioned my sanity -- though maybe they should have -- or reminded me that was indeed, about the least "cool" thing on earth. They wished him "happy birthday" (not last week however) and sent him online quizzes such as, "Which Grease Character Are You? He always responded back in his jovial, cool manner, ending every sentence with his trademark, "Buddy." "Happy birthday, buddy," he'd write on my friend Rob's wall.

I was open with him about how I was uneasy with that and I didn’t understand why they needed to communicate so often.


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