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The amount of ill will generated by not paying me is not worth 5.

I have spoken with John Doe about this matter previously.

However, they were not receiving half of the channels they were paying for.

They should have 165 channels in total but probably have about 40.

As I previously advised you, the Association did not approve the project for the golf tournament and we are not in a position to pay for an invoice that was not approved. If someone were to step outside of their authority and order something, the Non-Profit Organization would pay it and deal with the person that made the request.

That’s how it works from an ethical standpoint—and legal one as well.

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They can’t watch HD channels, they don’t have the technology for it. It blows my mind that upon calling in and asking for help, customer service did nothing and was unable to investigate the account enough to determine the mischarges. Out of all the bell channels I only get three programs repeating, some foreign culture channel that shows up where it shouldn’t, some turn of the century movie with Nicole Kidman that is on 10 consecutivive channels at once (and not movie channels at that), or a PPV Transformer movie that repeatson numerous channels.

That is it 3 channels repeating over all the channels (200 ) regardless of what programming should be on. I cancelled Bell since I’ve had enough of the erratic speeds, changing plans and “surprises” on my bill.

They were then told that My parents would not receive credit for the many months of service they were paying for, regardless of if they actually received the service or not.

So fast forward to over the weekend, I finally realize they aren’t receiving the majority of the channels they pay for, even after the receiver reset, because bell has given them HD channel bundles when my parents do not own An HD receiver, they own an SD receiver. I wonder how many other older people who aren’t technologically inclined, pay for HD services from Bell when they can’t even watch the HD channels? 14 just, problem happened late on the 13th (maybe that’s a clue).It’s not much money, but in this day and age I’ve got to go after what’s owed me. Well, okay I will have the logo reproduced elsewhere.


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