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We even tickle tortured him for an hour (what a turn on to see this naked blond 19 year Adonis squirm, scream and laugh hysterically while being tickled by four guys all at once). Straight Boy Cum Control: Steve (4/6) [Author's note: this is the long awaited 4th chapter of six about Steve, the younger brother - 19 years old- of my college roommate Jerry.To appreciate this chapter, you should read the previous chapters posted on assgm - chapters 1-3.All he DID remember was that some "girl" or even "girls" sucked him to a huge climax on the other side of some glory hole - something he never did before. He had no idea that his young muscled body was explored and touched by GUYS - that prospect would have been repulsive to him.As far as being attracted to anything but straight sex - Steve was still incurably straight even though his body responded otherwise.It WAS a great blowjob - never before did he cum like that or have a "girl" do that to him.



But the line of guys - old, fat, young, grew longer when they saw Steve's handsome face and tied up body, they went crazy and nearly fought each other to suck him off, or to tongue his ass crack, lick his back and other parts of his body that they could reach.By the time I untied him, his cum was reduced to small driblets, and he cried out in near pain (through his gag), totally exhausted and spent moaning "no no no no no no no no no no......" His nipples were dark from being pinched and twisted.While his slumped body was still tied, his dick hanging through the glory hole, Ben, Tom and I slowly dressed the boy (after toweling him down quickly).He was so straight and so good-looking and built that another plan was hatched to take advantage of the poor boy - this time with him fully alert, though totally unaware that it was all being staged - like everything else since he arrived. Besides getting him while the boy slept, he and his friends hatched another elaborate two part plan that would first make him think he was being serviced by a group of women - and hearing his straight reaction to that - and later, making him "pay" by tickle torture and milking by a group of guys, The two-part plan was simple yet complex: Todd would get a friend - who, lucky for them, also worked as a hooker.

Her name was Joelle and she would be hired to act as a "sensual massage therapist" and also pretend she was Todd's girlfriend.That aspect of Steve was one reason why he was so appealing.


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