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My ex-wife wants me to find someone so I won’t bug her.” Lomeli pulls out his wedding ring, which he wears on a gold chain tucked under his shirt. “I want the excitement of someone new, of looking forward to what we’re going to do next.” The room is thick with hesitancy.Few attendees seem as positive as Reno resident Helaine Greenberg, who takes a Zen-like approach to being single.The game starts with mastering dating strategy at a convention The middle-aged professionals gathered for the Northern California Singles Convention have resorted to the “Everything I Need to Know, I Learned in Junior High” approach to mingling.

Some hold notebooks on their laps, pens at the ready.

Gosse heads American Singles, a nonprofit organization that publishes Possibilities—a newsprint quarterly devoted to dating events and advice, punctuated by ads for singles cruises and mail-order brides.


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