Rupaul dating now

There has been no official confirmation yet from Netflix or Drag Race on whether All Stars will do the same thing yet but fingers crossed they'll come to their senses and announce it soon.

Trixie Mattel and Shangela are both considered to be very strong contenders, as they've both grown huge fanbases since originally appearing on Drag Race, so as long as they 'don't fuck it up' they are definitely in with a shot but there are currently no strong rumours or leaks from the show about potential winners.

Well you can't trust these shady bitches on Reddit as far as you can throw a wig, so probably.

Another popular theory is Darienne Lake from season 6, as she was allegedly spotted at the taping of the first episode which apparently featured a live studio audience.

VH1 have confirmed that the show will return for it's third season on January 25th.

Details about the show have been locked inside Ru's wig closet, which is reportedly guarded by an army of fabulous queens 24/7, but we've sleuthed round the internet to see what crumbs of information we can pick up about the latest season and hunty you're in for a treat.

This was mostly based on a comment by a since-deleted user on a Reddit thread.

Could it be someone from inside the show trying to give us clues?

Ru Paul also made his first move into acting during this period, appearing in uncredited roles in a series of low-budget movies.The confirmed queens are:-Morgan Mc Michaels (previously season 2) 🌟 Are you ready to go for the gold?! 🌟👑 Ru Paul's Drag Race​ #All Stars3 returns with a Queen-sized episode THURS Jan 25 at 8/7c on VH1​!👑 QI2R— Ru Paul's Drag Race (@Ru Pauls Drag Race) December 14, 2017 The most popular rumour at the moment is that it's winner of season one Bebe Zahara Benet.Ru Paul was the only boy of his parents’ four children, and eventually began wearing his sisters’ clothes and exploring cross-dressing, emulating stars like Diana Ross and Jane Fonda in his youth.

In Atlanta, Ru Paul attended the Northside School of Performing Arts, and although he didn’t graduate, it was a big step toward getting his feet wet in the world of performance and, in the end, show business.

While these appearances didn’t help Ru Paul climb the ladder of fame, he was never short on ideas to further his career.


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