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If a casual web browser who is not logged into a Xanga wished to view someone's Xanga, he or she would first have to log into a registered account, or else he or she would see only a page indicating that that user has chosen to "lock" their Xanga.

Xanga Lock also prevents the site from being indexed by Search Engines.

Xanga Videoblogs were officially launched on August 9, 2007 Xanga introduced "Pulse", which was described as a "carefree miniblog".

A Pulse message can also be uploaded by cell phone.

Members also have the option of joining or making blogrings (groups).

Xanga first added weblogs to all Xanga Sites on November 5, 2000.


This has been made possible after the introduction to photoblogging.

Since some users had been using anonymous subscriptions to try out subscriptions to other sites, on July 21, 2003, Xanga added a feature that allows members to sample a Trial Subscription to another site.

This update also allowed members to hide individual subscriptions from public display.

Members can combine Xanga Lock with the Footprints feature to create a means of controlling and monitoring access to a given site. This feature is similar to Xanga lock, but it provides even more privacy by allowing a user to lock out everyone who is not on the user's friends list.

This feature is very similar to protected posting in many ways.Then, on November 19, 2004, Xanga extended its support of multiple profile pictures to comment icons; now Xanga users could choose which profile picture they wanted to appear next to each of their comments.


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