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At the same time that Ohlinger lost her job, the AARP Public Policy Institute reported that older job seekers were out of work for a longer period of time than younger workers, even though their overall unemployment rate was lower.

Ohlinger, then 58, threw herself into the job search but found the experience “very defeating, very isolating and very frightening.” That is until she found the Richland Library in Columbia.

Connecting online becomes even more important for job seekers who don’t have access to resources like Richland Library’s Business and Job Center nearby.

The growth of the Work Reimagined site helps debunk the myth that older workers don’t want to use technology.

Photo by Peter Frank Edwards • By Holly Fisher Ann Ohlinger spent most of her career living and working in Connecticut before moving to Columbia in June 2011 to be closer to her daughters.

Less than a year later, she was laid off and faced the prospect of job hunting in a city where she knew few people and had to impress employers who weren’t familiar with her years of nonprofit and education experience.

Ohlinger took that class and met with a library job readiness trainer to revamp her résumé so it was more modern and better reflected her skills.


If results from multiple counties exist, please specify the county you would like us to process.

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Wealth of resources The Business and Job Center there offers assistance from career coaches, support groups, classes on résumé writing and interviewing as well as online job resources.

The center also has 18 computers dedicated to job seekers.

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