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    This may not have been the most unsurprising consequence of what happened that night, but she certainly did not expect her husband to do what he did.

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    A true story, told by Wust 50 years after the fact. Notes from an Incomplete Revolution: Real Life Since Feminism. Autobiographical writing by bi-identified mother of two sons in a long-term same sex relationship. Autobiographical novels by a self-identified bi and a leader of the modern women’s movement. Fascinating autobiography of a woman growing up in Maoist China. Nin’s diary from 1931-1932, in which she recounts her relationships with her husband, Hugo, and with Henry and June Miller.

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    John Patrick Kennedy, for legal services to the Band Aid Trust; Denis Patrick Gerard Keogh, deputy director, Northern Ireland Works Organisation; Abdul Qadeer Khan, head, South Yorkshire Waste Regulation Unit; Mohammed Akram Khan, Office for Standards in Education; Ronnie King, Chief Fire Officer, Dyfed County Fire Brigade, for services to the fire service; John Kingdom, Department of the Environment; Rosemary Davina Lady Kingsdown, former president, British Red Cross Society, Kent.

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    In my last post I responded to 911doc's post about the decline of primary care by posting a vignette I experienced which crystallized one hallmark of ER medicine nowadays: DISPO!

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    Therefore the best thing to do is that you leave the evidence proving you were correct somewhere where a narcissist can easily find it and then simply leave and let them boil in anger in solitude.

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