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A fateful walk down the street took the six foot, 135 pound, Cappello by “dumb luck” to a gym where he encountered “muscleheads” who looked “so strong and healthy” that his life was forever changed.

Inspired by the determination of the athletes he saw in that gym, Cappello swapped heroin for protein shakes, got clean, and got Carly Simon took the newly-buff Cappello out on tour until she was benched by acute stagefright, of all things.

He felt “called to do all that he could to make himself loved” by women and devoted his best energies and creativity to that end.

He dressed for the female gaze in dazzling lace-trimmed velvet and wore “secret perfumes which controlled love”.

The idea, which goes back to antiquity, is that love requires artistry: imagination, theatre, intuition, passion, customised spells for individual women and a sophisticated skill set of physical and psychological charms.

The 18th-century Venetian Giacomo Casanova was the Michelangelo of love.

As his son’s marriage was breaking up, he told him his secret: “Intelligence,” he wrote, “endows love with effectiveness.”The Conquest Just as ladykillers come in a thousand shapes and sizes, there are many ways to enthral women.

Yet despite their diversity, great seducers seduce with a difference.



” Capello revealed that he and Roberts were good friends from school, and both had similarly used body-building to beat drug addictions.

Instead of the familiar routine approach, they handle love as an art.

It’s somewhat like the difference between a box step and a tango.

He was charmingly modest in discussing his career, from his tutelage under Lennie Tristano to his gigging with Peter Gabriel, Garland Jeffreys, Eric Carmen, and Carly Simon, to his leap into the spotlight with Tina Turner and his .


Cappello chalks most of his storied history up to the “dumb luck” of being in the right place at the right time.Romantic poet Lord Byron was an electrifying presence.


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