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If he says he likes you, but does not contact you or try to spend time with you, then it is obvious that he is playing games with you.

[Read: 10 signs he’s faking love just to sleep with you] On the other hand, if he says he likes you and shows it, then he is taking the steps to truly build a foundation with you.

Say, for instance, he includes you in his travel plans for the upcoming year without you asking, then clearly he wants to make memories with you.

No one knows what his or her future holds, but we all continue to plan for it anyway.

When a guy sees a future with you, he will let his guard down and express his feelings to you.

He will not hold back about the way he feels about you and what he thinks of you.

If you ask him about his goals and he keeps the conversation just at surface level, then maybe he is just not that into you.

[Read: 14 undeniable signs he wants to spend his life with you] #2 He introduces you to friends and family.

However, there are ways to tell if things are leading to a relationship, or simply just friends with benefits.

Mentioning you or introducing you to his family and friends is one of the best indicators that he wants to be exclusive with you.

When a guy is not serious about someone, he will not take the time to integrate them into his world.

As soon as a guy can see a future with someone, he will start to include them in everything.

He will include you in his business plans or ideas; he will include you in family gatherings, and so forth.When he gets to know you and his mushy side starts to show, then you are definitely heading down the path of commitment.


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