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Closer to home, the team was ordered to laud domestic products like the Armata, the Russia army’s new main battle tank, and the Yota Phone, a homegrown rival to foreign smartphones.


At her interview, Mrs Savchuk says, she pretended to be “a housewife with no real views” when she was asked if she sympathised with Russia’s opposition.

The negroes are rising up.” Ukraine was another constant topic.

“That was always about the Kiev ‘junta’, how the poor people of Donbas are being bombed, how women and children are being shot, how Nato is to blame and Blackwater has mercenaries there.” On Syria, Bashar al-Assad, its autocratic president, was praised as a “friend of Russia”.

Professor Ludmilla is a graduate with honours from Rostov State University and received her first doctorate there, in history, in 1982.

She attained her second doctorate in 1996 from the Russian State University of Humanities in Moscow.Yet within hours of Mr Nemtsov's death, Ms Savchuk and her colleagues were going online to pour bile on the former deputy prime minister and claim he was killed by his own friends rather than by government hitmen, as many suspect.


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