Updating antivirus


If an update is available, it’s there for a reason – to make sure your antivirus software’s databases are up-to-date and able to protect you against the latest threats.It’s vital that you keep your PC’s protection up to date, otherwise newer threats may be able to slip past your defences.

Antivirus software is essential for keeping your PC running safely.If you have a Quick Heal Home User product (Anti Virus Pro, Internet Security, Total Security, Antivirus for Server, Total Shield, Antivirus Pro Advanced), you can download its updates offline by referring to the drop down given below: To find if your operating system is 32 bit operating system or 64 bit operating system, visit For versions older than Quick Heal v15.00, offline updates are no more available.Windows Mac OS XLinux Community Q&A Viruses and malware can cripple your computer and destroy your files.


Antivirus programs are designed to find and intercept viruses before they do any harm.It aims to scan the accessed files to prevent viruses from running on the computer.



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