Updating efmp

When this occurs, Family Case Workers are best able to support the unique needs of each family.

While the Family Case Worker will contact each family quarterly, through a combination of phone, email or in-person visits, families are always encouraged to contact their Family Case Worker whenever they need or desire assistance.

For the best medical care or education, sometimes an overseas tour is not in the service or family member's best interest.

Prior to scheduling an OSS appointment please ensure the following: Active Duty: In addition to the forms listed at right, if dependents are seen by a civilian provider, a medical clearance form and physical exam form must be completed by the civilian provider. Weekends and Federal Holidays: Closed PHONE Office: (571) 231-1054 LOCATION River Pavilion, Floor 1, Reception 3 ____________________________________LINKSAir Force: Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling Joint Base Andrews Army: Army One Source Army Community Service Navy & Marine Corps Walter Reed EFMP Program Walter Reed Overseas Screening Quantico EFMP Program Quantico Overseas Screening Additional Links Military Homefront Military One Source FORMS NEEDEDAir Force: AF Form 1466AF Form 1466DDD Form 2792 (if applicable) DD Form 2792-1 (if applicable)Army: DA Form 5888DA Form 7246DD Form 2792 (if applicable)DD Form 2792-1 (if applicable)Navy/Marines: NAVMED Form 1300/1 DD Form 2807-1DD Form 2792 (if applicable) DD Form 2792-1 (if applicable)Coast Guard CG-6100DD Form 2792 (if applicable)DD Form 2792-1 (if applicable)In addition to the forms listed here, if dependents are seen by a civilian provider, a medical clearance form and physical exam form must be completed by the civilian provider.

A DD 2792 (medical summary) must also be submitted.

If your family member no longer requires an IFSP or IEP, have the appropriate EI or school official complete the form to document the change in status.

It is the Sponsor's responsibility to update their enrollment every 3 years or as the medical needs of the Exceptional Family Member's conditions change.

If your family member no longer requires special medical services, have your physician complete the form for medical status updates.

EFMP is a Do D-mandated enrollment program, for the purposes of assignment coordination.

EFMP staff and families work together to inform, educate and empower individuals to be the best advocate for themselves and/or their family member(s).

The EFMP is a DOD-mandated enrollment program designed to support individual, family and unit readiness..

When a family member's needs conflict with such assignments, the sponsor must contact his/her Military Occupational Specialty monitor to discuss possible options.


Operational requirements of the Marine Corps and requirements for career development and experience are primary factors in manpower decision making.

Please include relevant special education paperwork. Yes, the Marine Corps believes that families should not bear the cost of form completion to comply with a DOD mandated program.



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