Updating modern style exterior

Allura’s architectural panels and trim system gives you sleek, contemporary style for your home’s exterior, allowing you to get an industrial design.

Who says a beach-front property has to look traditional to fit in?

In this case, fiber cement architectural panels are not only mixed with vertical siding, but with natural stone as well.

In this case, the fiber cement lap siding is the perfect, low-maintenance complement to the natural wood and stone, completing this home’s exterior.If you’re looking for some new ideas for remodeling your modern home’s exterior, take a look at these 12 images form Allura’s image gallery.When most people think of siding, they think of traditional lap siding, but that’s far from the only available product for covering your home.In this case, two different sizes of lap siding, one painted and the other stained, help to draw the eye and mimic the lines of the home, giving it a more modern appeal.

One thing that appeals to many people about contemporary homes is the way that they can adapt themselves to their surroundings.So why not take advantage of that break and use a different type of siding on each one?



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