Updating storm software


They are constantly challenged to find better ways to build scalable cloud services in order to get to market quickly.


To learn more, check out the recording of my BUILD session in which I introduce Azure Service Fabric and live demo it scaling up to 50 machines running over 250,000 operations/second on Azure.Many independent software vendors (ISVs), value-added resellers (VARs), and hardware vendors (OEMs or ODMs) use open-source frameworks, modules, and libraries inside their proprietary, for-profit products and services.From a customer's perspective, the ability to use open technology under standard commercial terms and support is valuable.The OSIsoft solution leveraging Service Fabric enables new customer driven insights by durably processing data from hundreds of millions of meters every few seconds – shattering previous on-premises records.


To get early customer feedback, a developer preview of Service Fabric will be released at BUILD.

Cloud computing continues to change the way that businesses reach their customers.



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