Validating parking

Most garages offer a limited amount of free parking with validation, usually between one and four hours.

Not all merchants offer it or advertise that they will validate, so customers should be sure to check with the business they are visiting before leaving.

Stamped or signed tickets will usually need to be checked by a parking attendant at the exit.

Validated parking is a means by which departments and event coordinators may pre-pay for parking within the Baker Center Garage.

Event coordinators are defined as the individual coordinating an event being held on University property (for example, a wedding, a meeting, a conference, etc.).

Parking Services reserves the right to decline a request for validated parking based on availability and event types.

Validation is usually offered at city-owned or operated lots.

Systems like this encourage visitor loyalty, as customers may feel relieved or grateful that they don’t have to pay for parking simply because they couldn’t find anything to purchase.

Drivers should be sure to bring their parking tickets with them to receive parking validation.

At restaurants, it is usually available after finishing a meal.

In some larger malls or shopping centers, self-validation machines are also available.Validated Parking allows a guest to enter Baker Garage by taking a regular spitter ticket upon arriving.


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