What smart teenagers know about dating relationships sex

Here are some tips to get started: Teens want to hear from you. Teens consistently say that --not peers, not partners, not popular culture--most influence their decisions about relationships and sex.

Mentors and champions like aunts, teachers, and coaches also have a significant role to play in helping the teens in their lives avoid pregnancy.

Whether it's how to say "no" without hurting feelings, or, if it's to say "yes," what kind of birth control to use, helping your teens prepare for the heat of the moment is key.



Help your teenagers to have options for the future, and help them build skills that will enable them to reach their goals.

As we follow along with each family's journey through pregnancy, parenthood and grandparenthood, provides many opportunities to start meaningful conversations between young people and their parents, mentors and champions about how they might handle similar situations before the moment arrives.



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