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It would appear that while there were numerous prisoners of a 'local' nature, ie.

in a jail close to home, there were also those individuals who were in jails a long way from their family homes; persons who could not adapt to the harsh life, constant labor and ill treatment they may have experienced on the pioneer family farm, and made their way to towns where they start over, often ending up on the wrong side of the law.

His straw bed was ' a pillow of ease for the heads of dirty, drunken, spewing vagrants.' He described the peppery appearance of the blankets...covered with crawling and nimble-footed fleas.


The Home District jail register does record those classified as 'lunatics', pre-dating by four years the beginning of official insane asylum records in Toronto. In other parts of the building there was found: Five common stoves, three tables, fifteen chairs and Judge's chair, chest belonging to Clerk of the Peace, five good padlocks, eighteen bad!



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