Woods dating skier


“Killington was a lot of pressure, and I didn’t realize it till I was there,” Shiffrin told me.

“I was kind of freaking out.” Her extended family, including her grandmother, who was ninety-five, came to watch her race. “Instead of just answering questions, I started to myself answering them,” she said.

(She lives in Vail, Colorado, but her formative training years were spent on the East Coast, where her forebears are from.)The races, held at Killington, in Vermont, over the weekend of Thanksgiving, attracted thirty thousand fans, far more than you’d ever get out West.

They were there to see Shiffrin win both the slalom and the giant-slalom races.

She took fifth in the giant slalom, a disappointment.


When Shiffrin and I had dinner one night in town, the waiter, knowing a jock when he saw one, asked her, “What’s your sport?“It was a reminder that sometimes it’s better to be oblivious, but I’m not oblivious anymore, so how do I handle that?



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